Tour Benefits

  • Value — when comparing the travel packages out there today — look beyond the price. You’ll see that Nationwide includes so much more value for your travel dollars.
  • Competitive rates — our buying power gives you great rates on all aspects of travel.
  • Highly rated to moderate class accommodations.
  • Hotel and restaurant reservations.
  • Exceptional tour directors and drivers.
  • Sightseeing tours and optional time.
  • Exciting entertainment and several included meals.



Best Panoramic View

The new Prevost H-Series is hardly just another pretty face.  The unmatched innovation and functionality of the H-Series is compelling.  This is not only the tallest high-deck coach in the industry, but also the coach that provides passengers and drivers the best panoramic view. Above all, traveling in a Prevost is supremely comfortable. This comfort is the result of meticulous design and execution of all that contributes to a serene and relaxing journey.  A Prevost coach offers generous space, isolation from noise and vibrations, optimal light and temperature control, plenty of storage and cargo space, thoughtful amenities, and the stable and secure ride.

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