Company History


On behalf of our company and the Marks family we would like to thank you for considering Nationwide Travelers for your next vacation.

Nationwide Travelers has remained a family organization throughout its existence. Leo and Dorothy Marks founded the company in 1974 and grew through the years backed by a knowledgeable and loyal staff.  In 2007 they decided it was time to retire and the business and their legacy is being continued by two of their sons, Pat and Tom.  We are very proud of our family and staff and the support given by each to Nationwide Travelers.

Coupled with our pride is sincere gratitude to our repeat customers who have helped us over the years to pioneer new destinations and discover new ways to make traveling together carefree and fun! The basis of our success is without a doubt our frequent travelers who have helped us grow from our humble beginnings to expand our market across the United States and Canada as well as overseas. We are extremely grateful to the hardy souls who endured our early experimental years, many of whom are still traveling with us.

The story of Nationwide Travelers begins in the late 1960’s when Leo Marks, Nationwide’s founder, would take groups of high school students to Chicago for weekend getaways.

As a result of many adults requesting a motorcoach tour, our first tour was planned in 1973 to Nashville, Tennessee.  A short time later a Niagara Falls tour was developed, followed by tours to Florida.  At a continuous pace more tours were planned and before too long we realized a tour business had begun.  On December 24, 1974, we became a State of Wisconsin Corporation under the name of Nationwide Travelers.

In 1977 we hired our first employee, other than family, to work in the basement “office.”  Shortly thereafter our second was added!  With the addition of yet another employee, we outgrew the Marks’ basement so we rented our first office building on East Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton.  In the summer of 1984, it was obvious we needed larger quarters so we moved to our present location.  This new location was large enough to house our coaches, maintenance area, print shop and office.  A renovation in 1995 added more office space and additional space for our maintenance department and growing staff.

In 1982 we purchased our first mini-coach and added another in 1983.  In April of 1984 we purchased our first 47-passenger MCI coach and in October of the same year we took delivery of our first wide-body Prevost coach.  We no longer have mini-coaches and now only offer Prevost coaches.  Each year we have added to our fleet bringing our current total to 11 Prevost coaches.

Starting in the 1970’s with a few tour destinations a year to over 100 destinations being offered at present, Nationwide Travelers gives its travelers a great amount of tours to choose from.  From the North, South, East, West and all destinations in between, Nationwide Travelers has many choices for all travelers.

You will find a world of affordable travel opportunities with something for everyone – motorcoach tours that take you throughout this great land of ours, air tours for those looking to faraway places or with time limitations, special event tours, and holiday tours to celebrate with new-found friends.

Together we have seen countless changes over the years. However, even as we move with the times, the excitement of traveling a new road, meeting new people and learning new things along the way never wanes. Traveling in a group is less expensive, safer, more comfortable, more environmentally friendly and much more enjoyable than “going it alone;” the security and convenience of an escorted tour make it the way to go.  With safety always uppermost in our minds, we have conducted extensive product research to bring you some exciting new tours. Many of our familiar and time-tested destinations continue to be featured prominently as well.

If you are a frequent traveler of Nationwide Travelers, please know how much we appreciate your patronage.  If you are new to Nationwide Travelers, we invite you to discover for yourself the convenience and camaraderie of traveling on one of our tours. Welcome Aboard!

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