Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make  reservations?

You may make reservations by calling 920-734-5620 (in the Fox Valley) or 1-800-236-5511 (outside of the area) and one of our travel professionals will take your information and assist in answering any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can click on the “make reservations” button on the Tour Catalog page and fill out the form and one of our representatives will contact you with a confirmation.



What sort of deposit is expected?

A deposit of $100.00 per person (plus cancellation option charge, if selected) within 10 days of making the reservations is required for most overnight tours.  On tours involving flights or cruises, the deposit amount varies.  Please see the write-up for the flying or cruising tour you are interested in for details.



When is full payment required?

For most motorcoach tours the balance is due 45 days prior to the trip’s departure.  For most flying tours, the balance is due 90 days prior.  All 1-day tours are to be paid in full within 10 days of making the reservation.  If there is a different timeline, it will be specified in the tour description or will be on your deposit receipt.

Receipts are no longer sent when we receive your final payment. They will be sent only when we receive your deposit.  The arrival of your final documents 7-10 days prior to your tour’s departure indicates that your full payment has been received.   

Do you send an invoice for the full payment?

We do not send bills.  You will receive a receipt for your deposit payment and it will note at the bottom the date final payment is due on extended tours. You will also receive a questionnaire to fill out and return with your balance.  

What about the payment for 1-day tours?

Payment in full is required within 10 days of making a reservation for a 1-day tour.  Receipts are not sent when we receive payment on a one day tour.  Your itinerary will be sent out 7-10 days prior to the departure of your tour.

How do I pay for my trip?

We accept cash, checks, money orders and VISA or MASTERCARD. 



When will I get my tickets in the mail?

In most cases, we do not get individual tickets for shows and performances.  If we do, they will be passed out on the tour.  In the case of airline tickets, if you are being taken to the airport on a Nationwide Travelers motorcoach, the tickets will be given to you then. If you are meeting the group at the airport, the tickets will be mailed to you.

 When will I get my final documents?

Final documents are mailed 7 to 10 days prior to a tour departure and will specify the names, addresses and phone numbers of hotels you will be staying at, the day-to-day itinerary, packing suggestions, general weather information, your luggage tags and any other pertinent information.



What if I can’t go on the trip after I’ve paid my money?

If you do not have the Cancellation Protection Option and you are not able to find a replacement, the following penalties will apply:

Time to Departure/Penalty:

  • More than 35 days (Extended tours)…..$25.00

         The following applies to both Extended and 1-day tours:

  • 35-15 days prior………5%
  • 14-6 days prior………10%
  • 5-3 days prior………..15%
  • 2 days or less……….100%

Should the tour have non-refundable costs (for example, theater tickets) that amount will be charged in addition to the percentage shown above.  Refunds will be issued on the first Friday of the month following the cancellation.


What is the Cancellation Protection Option?

The Cancellation Protection Option protects you from non-refundable costs if you cancel on a Nationwide Traveler’s Motorcoach tour because of illness, injury or death in the family prior to the tour’s departure.  It does not cover you once you are on the trip.

It costs an additional $25.00 per person for overnight tours of 2-4 days, $50.00 per person for overnight tours of 5 or more days and $15.00 per person for one-day tours.  This overrides the percentage cancellation penalties listed and will ensure that you are refunded any non-refundable amounts.  It must be paid with your deposit 10 days after making your reservation (or with your full payment on 1-Day tours), cannot be purchased if you make your reservation less than 45 days prior to the tour’s departure and its cost is non-refundable.



What about tours involving flights or cruises?

Cancellation policies for flying and cruise tours are set by the air and cruiselines and the cancellation penalties are different for each.  We can inform you of the applicable cancellation policy when you make your reservation.  Some flying and cruising tours offer cancellation insurance, if they do, we recommend that you purchase it as the costs for cancelling a flying or cruising tour can be substantial. 



What if there is inclement weather on the day my tour departs?

There will be no refunds for inclement weather if the bus is able to travel and the attractions are not closed.



What if something happens when the office is closed and I need to reach you?

There is an emergency number listed on your itinerary for you to use.



My parents travel with you all the time. Can I get them a gift certificate for their anniversary?

We have gift certificates available in any amount for any occasion.  They can be purchased over the phone with a credit card and mailed to the person you are buying for.  All we need is their name and address and who the gift certificate is from.  We suggest that you purchase the certificate for a specific amount rather than for a specific tour.



How many suitcases can I take and is there a size requirement?

One large suitcase per person (50 lb limit) and 1 carry-on are allowed.  The carry-on should be no larger than 15” x 10” x 6” high.  A soft-sided carry-on made of canvas or soft leather is recommended.  A camcorder is considered a carry-on, a purse is not.  Sleep apnea machines are not considered a carry-on.



I can’t carry my own luggage. Is there an extra charge for that service?

Luggage handling is an included feature on most motorcoach tours.



Is smoking or drinking alcohol allowed on the motorcoach?

No – break stops are made every 2-3 hours.  Smoking is not allowed on the motor coach.  Alcohol is not permitted on any Nationwide Travelers retail tour.  Alcoholic beverages in coolers can be stored under the motor coach in the luggage bay but cannot be taken out or consumed until arriving at the destination. 



I don’t have anyone to travel with. Can you find me a partner?

We do not assign travel partners for singles.  However, if you choose a tour where another single is looking for a partner, we will give you their information so you may contact them and then it is up to the two of you to decide if you wish to travel as partners.



The tour I am interested in goes into Canada. Do I need a passport?

(Taken from the U.S. Dept. of State website: A PASSPORT IS REQUIRED for ALL passage (land, sea, and air) to and from Canada.



The tour I am interested in goes into Mexico. Do I need a passport?

(Taken from the U.S. Dept. of State website: A PASSPORT IS REQUIRED for ALL passage (land, sea, and air) to and from Mexico.



Where can I leave my car while I’m on tour?

Nationwide provides free parking at our office during any tour.  Many other pick-up locations do as well.  Nationwide and the owners of these parking lots are not responsible for vehicles.



Where can I be picked up?

In MOST cases, the following are standard pickup points available free of charge.  In the list that follows we have indicated which locations agree to allow overnight parking; however, Nationwide Travelers is not responsible for your vehicle.  These are only suggestions of where overnight parking is available:

Appleton – Nationwide Travelers Office, 1103 S Lynndale Dr.  Overnight parking available on south side of building.

Oshkosh – Former J.C. Penney parking lot, I-41 & Hwy 44/Koeller Rd.  Park at back edge of southeast corner.  Overnight parking allowed.

Fond du Lac – Holiday Inn, I-41 & Military Rd, 625 W Rolling Meadows Dr. Park in the southeast corner of lot.  Overnight parking allowed.

Lomira – Exxon, I-41 & Hwy 67.  Overnight parking allowed.  They will advise where to park upon your arrival.

Slinger/Hartford/Allenton/West Bend – Park & Ride.  Northeast side of I-41 & Hwy 33.  Overnight parking allowed.

Menomonee Falls/Germantown – McDonalds, I-41 & Q/County Line Rd.  NO OVERNIGHT PARKING.

Milwaukee – Watertown Plank Road Park & Ride, Exit 40 off Hwy 45 (just north of I-94 exit) 5 DAY PARKING LIMIT!!

Milwaukee – Park & Ride, I-94 and College Avenue on the west side of I-94.  NO OVERNIGHT PARKING.

Racine – Ives Grove Park & Ride (next to Sheriff Substation).  I-94 & Hwy 20.  NO OVERNIGHT PARKING.

NOTE:  The points south of Fond du Lac are not available on tours going North or West. 

  • We offer the following pickups for an additional $15.00 per person, round-trip, on tours 3 days or longer:  DePere (also available on one and two day tours for a $30.00 per person, round-trip charge): Shawano, Clintonville, New London, Manitowoc, Chilton, Stevens Point, Waupaca and Fremont.  Please call our office for details or e-mail us. A Waupun pickup is available on Fireside tours and other tours as noted in their write-ups.



I am a senior citizen.  Do you offer a senior discount?

We get group pricing; therefore, our prices are discounted regardless of your age.

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